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Consultora de Investimentos Luso-Alemã
About Us


CONLUSA was established in 1972.

Stephan Stieb, a German jurist and former Deputy General-Secretary of the Lisbon based Portuguese-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry then joined as partner in 1988. With Stephan Stieb on board, the range of consultancy activities was significantly enhanced in the areas of industrial licensing, taxation and commercial law.

In 1996, our team was further strengthened by the arrival of Luís Miguel Ehlert. With a degree in Business Management and a background in banking, Luís boosted our expertise in areas such as accounting and taxation, trust and project management. He is partner of CONLUSA.

Legislation is continually evolving and becoming ever more complex, whilst securing assets in legal and economic terms is getting progressively harder. The State itself continues to place ever greater demands on people and businesses. Our role is to provide transparency and provide clients with the best possible solutions for success.

All the CONLUSA team speak several languages with German and Portuguese being the obvious main idioms.



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